Terzel the Turtle Pledge!
Join Terzel the Turtle®™ 3-5-2 Club by taking the Pledge!
Take Terzel the Turtle 3-5-2 eat more low-eat less high pledge for your family by:

1.  Hitching a slow ride with Terzel by working to improve your family health & physical awareness through healthy eating and exercise.
2.  Spending less time looking back but marching forward to the 3-5-2 Terzel the Turtle I am onboard movement and musical.
3.  Teaching our children about serving sizes and how the eat more low and less high concept works with the food pyramid chart.
4.  Following the four footprints of Terzel the Turtle with daily balance,consistency, variety and patience.
5.  Looking for good examples and by being willing to lead by an example as you start a fresh and colorful food journey with your family.
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